Welcome MTC

MTC is a specialized and accredited company in the organization and planning of a 5-star medical stays in Turkey. We have been in the Turkish market for several years. Our company gives you the opportunity to access different and recent interventions among a wide range of medical and surgical techniques. In the hands of knoweldgeable professionals, you will have access to a medical assistance, a complete care that goes to sending your quote during your convalescence and also a pleasant VIP tourist stay in a 5- star hotel in Istanbul.

Our goal is that each patient’s trip is an outstanding success from arrival to comeback to his home country.

In the hands of highly qualified doctors, we assure to take care of you in the most developed and luxurious european hospitals.

Every Disease Deserves a Second Opinion

Why Us


We, as a doctor, examine your diseases with our professional team and select the doctors and hospitals that will provide the best quality and appropriate services and present them to you the fastest way.


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